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Significant Cases

  • Secured the release of inmate who had served 28 years of a life sentence by demonstrating misconduct of Pennsylvania State Police. After the first week of a subsequent civil rights trial, a seven figure settlement was reached.

  • After joining the defense team during the prosecution of a businessman for perjury committed before a state agency from which he sought a license to operate a regulated business, Mr. Lock successfully persuaded the prosecution to withdraw all charges.

  • Currently seeking federal habeas corpus relief following the discovery following trial of evidence implicating the prosecution in the massive destruction of evidence to which the accused in a public corruption case was entitled.

  • Obtained declination of prosecution following investigation of physician for the diversion of opioid drugs.

  • Dismissal of insurance fraud prosecution Pittsburgh, PA physician.

  • Acquittal in Hobbs Act prosecution of alleged organized crime figure.

  • Acquittal by reason of insanity in prosecution on seven counts of attempted murder.

  • Following 18 month effort, persuaded trial court of the incompetence of the accused thereby avoiding trial in capital murder prosecution.

  • Obtained Compassionate Release from the United States Bureau of Prisons to secure to release on health grounds of an organized crime figure.

  • Representation on appeal of the Pennsylvania Attorney General following conviction on perjury and other charges.

  • First trial in the United States for violation of FDA regulation of peptide distribution to body builders.

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