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Our Advocacy Model

Over a career spanning almost five decades and including hundreds of trials, I have developed a system which enables me to maximize quality, increase efficiency, enhance results and control costs of defending complex criminal cases. Large firms are well-positioned to handle this type of litigation, but, for obvious business reasons, they almost invariably use in-house staff. Regardless of how substantial their resources, no big firm has a monopoly on the best, most experienced lawyers to handle all aspects of sophisticated criminal prosecutions and few are able to do it in a reasonably cost-efficient manner. 
There is another approach to white-collar criminal defense work which produces equally effective results at a significantly more reasonable cost. Initially, after analyzing each case which I consider accepting, I almost always offer prospective clients a choice between a flat fee or an hourly rate. Flat fees almost always result in a lower fee and provide clients with the opportunity to cap their cost. Additionally, I limit the number of cases which I handle at any one time. Each of my clients is given my cellular phone number, thus assuring them of easy and prompt accessibility. Often, the cases which I accept can be handled without assistance. However, this is not always so. If this is not the case and depending on the available budget, I am familiar with and have access to lawyers throughout Pennsylvania and beyond who excel in every area of white-collar criminal defense work. If a case presents unique factual or legal matters, I know the people who can best provide necessary assistance. While providing equivalent professional services to those offered by large firms, this arrangement is less expensive because of significantly lower overhead expense, and because I add nothing to and take nothing from the fees which those with whom I associate charge. This enables me to provide the high-quality work of a large firm at a significantly reduced cost. I also generally limit the geographical scope of my practice. I do not presume to be able to handle cases in foreign jurisdictions better than those who regularly practice there. 
The high-quality legal representation offered by large firms is available to you at a significantly reduced cost.

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